Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At our Warminster ready meal production unit we have installed a 300 kWp (kilo watt peak)  solar system which went operational in  September 2021. So far this has generated 55 MWh (megawatt hour) and saved 14 metric tons of CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of planting 640 trees.  Over the 25 year predicted life of the system it should save over 1500 tons of CO2 emissions.  Colin Welch, Operations Director commented “So far this is ahead of expectations over our initial forecasts and subject to reasonable decent weather we expect to reduce our power consumption through the grid by approximately 25% per annum.”

Based on the success of the Warminster site, a larger 352 kWp solar system has been installed on the roof of one of our Grimsby premises, which is a fish processing plant, and this went operational in February 2022. Whilst it is early days, the system is on target to produce 300, 000 kWh of electricity and save 75 tons of CO2 emission per year.