Why Frozen Food is Best During Lockdown

Gordon Lauder, MD of one of our suppliers, Central Foods, highlights how frozen food could prove beneficial for public sector caterers during and after lockdown.

“It’s very much the norm to use some frozen pre-prepared products in all professional kitchens now,” explains Gordon. “Caterers recognise the benefits of frozen food. It’s easy to use, fewer staff are needed for preparation and serving, it can help with cost control and reduces waste.

“There’s a huge range of quality products to choose from and now, as we move into a new way of working, it may be the ideal time to explore and discover just what’s out there and how beneficial frozen food can be in any catering operation.”

Five ways frozen food can help public sector operators through lockdown and beyond:

  1. Supports social distancing
  2. Speeds up service
  3. Keeps a firm grip on costs
  4. Reinforces trust with accreditation
  5. Caters for demand

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