Bespoke Fish Production Services

Shaped and Moulded Portions

A significant capital investment in a state of the art ‘Nienstedt’ multisaw and forming machine allows NH Case to press cores in a variety of weights and sizes. Using the highest quality fish blocks we can form cores in weights ranging from 30g through to 145g. Predominantly used in the further processing and added value sector these allow manufacturers the security of consistent quality, controlled weights and dimensions all combined with the highest quality raw material, available in cod, salmon, haddock and pollock.



A dedicated, experienced, highly trained and time served team enable NH Case to provide a full range of cutting options for any customer specification. From block cutting into small 15mm diced cubes, trapezoid portions, fingers and planks through to naturally shaped fillet cutting into bites, goujons, J cuts, V cuts and steaks we have the skilled operatives and equipment to provide a one-stop service for any customers requirements.


Plate Freezing

A new addition to the services offered by NH Case is the ability to both supply and produce the industry-standard 7.5kg /16.5lb fish blocks. Using industry leading equipment and packaging we can offer excellent block geometry, our fully trained staff ensure fully controlled weights and product presentation devoid of freezer burn, ice or air pockets. Blocks can be sourced as fillets, pieces, mince and scrape for both salmon, cod and other whitefish species, subject to availability.


Grading And Glazing

A twin lane glazing and grading rig allows us to take bulk raw material and accurately glaze and grade to whatever our customer requires, from 5% protective glaze through to 20%, we can accurately control and pack. A spiral freezer allows for the sharp reduction in temperature preserving the overall quality of our product, available in both count and weight packs.


Service Work

From simple re-boxing, through to more varied, blocking, cutting and pressing, or even glazing, grading and packing we offer a whole suite of services that can be performed by our own fully trained staff in premises that are fully audited and accredited. As well as the processing we can also store your product until collection is arranged in our own 2,000 pallet coldstore.


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