New buying habits look set to stay as report shows that switching to frozen can save families up to £1,500 per year and almost halve levels of food waste. A new study commissioned by Birds Eye and Iceland indicates the acceleration of frozen food’s revival during the UK lockdown is set to continue and create […]

Frozen vegetables are often just as good and can sometimes be better than their fresh alternatives. Once harvested, it can be weeks before fresh veg reaches our supermarket shelves and shopping baskets, and during this time the levels of nutrients can deteriorate. Frozen vegetables are steam-blanched immediately after harvesting, to kill any enzymes responsible for […]

LACAs new initiative – Hot’ober – has been created to encourage conversations between caterers, school representatives, on site staff and parents to facilitate the return of hot lunches as soon as everyone feels it safe to do so. It is in response to the challenge caterers face when it comes to providing meals at lunchtime. […]