NH Case launch expanded primary fish processing facility.

An expansion to the fish processing facility with an addition of a new production line in their Grimsby site has enabled NH Case to increase output and improve the service and range of bespoke fish products. The factory processes whole cod and haddock amongst other species and is producing frozen skinless boneless fillets, loins, portions, tails and blocks. Labour rates and energy costs are significantly higher in the UK than Russia or China and the far east but lower shipping costs, a faster response time to changes in customer demand and enhanced supply chain security make this a strategically intelligent move in the company’s view. Grimsby has a great tradition in fish processing so we are pleased to utilise this home-grown skill among the workforce.

The bespoke fish products including cut portions, goujons and diced 15-20 mm pieces all help to increase the efficiency of the NHS kitchens and CPU’s without compromising the quality of the food they deliver. In a time where skilled labour is less plentiful in hospital catering operations and across the industry than it once was this has helped with labour and time savings. NH Case have seen a 40% increase in demand for these bespoke fish products.