Ready Meal Production

We opened our purpose-built factory in April 2000 in Warminster, Wiltshire. Complete with in-line automation it produces an extensive range of frozen ready meals including multi-portion, individual and complete meals. 50 employees make over 50,000 ready meals per week from a bank of over 350 recipes, as well as frozen pies, pastries, and burgers.

The dedicated NH Case technical team offers invaluable advice on menu design and full nutritional and dietary information. We also provide a bespoke development service to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

Menu Planning and Bespoke Development

We are always keen to assist with planning to ensure the menu offers a wide variety of choice to satisfy every requirement. We consider nutritional and dietary requirements to achieve a balanced diet and prepare sample menus incorporating anything from a 1 to 4 week cycle. Menus are priced to provide projected budget costs on a total food cost and per-portion basis.

From the bespoke product perspective our Development Chef designs dishes following discussions with each customer. Taking on board their suggestions, the response incorporates dietary and nutritional requirements, taste and texture profiles, estimated budget costs, portion size and packaging.

Special Diets

There are a number of dishes in our range catering for a wide variety of customer requirements which include anything from soft diets to pureed meals, diabetic desserts and gluten-free dishes.

There are options for healthier eating and allergen free diets as well as halal and kosher meals.

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NH Case are making the provision of hot meals at school easier with our Ready Meal range especially tailored to the education sector.