These are 8-portion packs weighing 1.35kg. Other sizes are available in most of the varieties.

37210Chicken and Root Vegetable -
Diced chicken and root vegetables braised in a light chicken stock with pearl barley
35330Cauliflower Cheese
36440Leek & Potato -
A milk based soup with leeks and potatoes blended until smooth.
35390Lentil Soup
34700Lentil and Vegetable (Vegan) -
Mixed beans, pulses and vegetables in a light herb infused soup.
31700Minestrone -
A tomato based soup with bacon, vegetables, potatoes and spaghetti.
85320Minestrone - Vegetarian.
31640Pea & Ham -
Peas, ham and onion cooked in a chicken stock, blended and thickened.
37990Pea & Mint
34660Root Vegetable and Barley Broth -
Root vegetables cooked in a light vegetable stock with peas and pearl barley.
34840Rustic Mushroom -
Shiitake, Oyster, Chestnut and Button mushrooms lightly cooked in milk, blended and thickened.
31620Tomato -
Our version of a classic soup with tomatoes, root vegetables and balsamic vinegar.
38740Tomato and Roast Pepper -
A rich tomato soup with the addition of roasted peppers and basil.
31610Vegetable -
Root vegetables, peas and potatoes with a hint of tomato make up this light soup.
35300Vegetable and Herb Soup
39150White Onion