Halal Meals

08490Halal Mixed Vegetarian Meals With Rice (Vegan)
08960Mixed Halal Meat Meals With Rice
41505Chicken Saag with Rice
41510Masala & Rice
41515Lamb Karahi with Rice
41520Lentil Daal with Rice
41525Vegetable Masala with Rice
41530Lamb Daal with Rice
41570Keema & Peas with Rice
41590Chicken Korma with Rice
41600Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice
41610Chick Pea Daal with Rice
41620Aloo Gobi with Rice
41650Blackeye Bean Daal & Rice
41670Mutter Paneer with Rice
41680Cauliflower & Aubergine Masala with Rice
41690Chicken Daal with Rice
41700Lamb & Potato with Rice
41710Halal Meals - Premium Spicy - Box A
41720Halal Meals - Premium Non Spicy - Box B
41730Halal Meals - Premium Vegetarian - Box C
42510Fishermans Pie (Gluten Free)

Kosher Meals

08840Kosher/Halal Cooked Sliced Beef
08850Kosher/Halal Cooked Sliced Beef
40820Kosher Roast Chicken
40830Kosher Chicken Schnitzel
40850Kosher Meatballs
40860Kosher Steak Pie
40880Kosher Vegetarian Meals - Mixed Case
40890Kosher Spaghetti Neapolitan
40900Kosher Cottage Pie
40910Kosher Sliced Beef
40930Kosher Meat Lasagne
40950Kosher Sliced Turkey
40960Kosher Meat Meals - Mixed Case
41040Kosher Turkey Casserole
41090Kosher Grilled Plaice
42030Kosher Tomato Omelette
42040Kosher Fried Chopped Fish
42050Kosher Poached Cod
42060Kosher Sliced Lamb
42300Kosher Vegetable Schnitzel