Halal Meals

41505Chicken Saag with Rice
41510Fish Masala & Rice
41515Lamb Karahi with Rice
41520Lentil Daal with Rice
41525Vegetable Masala with Rice
41530Lamb Daal with Rice
41570Keema & Peas with Rice
41590Chicken Korma with Rice
41600Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice
41610Chick Pea Daal with Rice
41620Aloo Gobi with Rice
41650Blackeye Bean Daal & Rice
41670Mutter Paneer with Rice
41680Cauliflower & Aubergine Masala with Rice
41690Chicken Daal with Rice
41700Lamb & Potato with Rice
42510Fishermans Pie (Gluten Free)
41710Halal Meals - Premium Spicy - Box A
41720Halal Meals - Premium Non Spicy - Box B
41730Halal Meals - Premium Vegetarian - Box C
08960Mixed Halal Meat Meals With Rice
08490Halal Mixed Vegetarian Meals With Rice (Vegan)

Kosher Meals

08840Kosher/Halal Cooked Sliced Beef
40880Kosher Vegetarian Meals - Mixed Case
40960Kosher Meat Meals - Mixed Case
40870Kosher Fish Meals - Mixed Case
40830Kosher Chicken Schnitzel
40840Kosher Beef Goulash
40850Kosher Meatballs
40860Kosher Steak Pie
40910Kosher Sliced Beef
40890Kosher Spaghetti Bolognaise
40930Kosher Meat Lasagne
40950Kosher Sliced Turkey
41040Kosher Turkey Casserole
41930Kosher Chicken Chasseur
42030Kosher Tomato Omelette
42045Kosher Poached Salmon
42055Kosher Poached Chicken
42060Kosher Sliced Lamb
42300Kosher Vegetable Schnitzel