Texture 5 / D – Complete Meals

Our pre-mashed dysphagia diet meals are easy to swallow with very little chewing needed. Any sauce, gravy or custard will be very thick. With no hard, tough, chewy, fibrous, stringy, dry, crispy or crunchy bits. Meat is minced to approx 2mm pieces which requires minimal chewing.

41421Beef Bolognaise380g x 12
41442Beef Stew & Dumpling380g x 12
41423Chicken & Stuffing380g x 12
41430Chicken Casserole380g x 12
41425Chicken Curry380g x 12
41426Chicken Pie380g x 12
41427Chicken Supreme380g x 12
41840Cottage Pie 380g x 12
41450Creamed Chicken380g x 12
41470Fish in Cheese Sauce380g x 12
41428Fisherman's Pie380g x 12
41420Lamb Casserole 380g x 12
41429Lancashire Hotpot380g x 12
41460Lentil Bolognaise 380g x 12
41440Macaroni Cheese380g x 12
41431Roast Beef with Mustard380g x 12
41433Roast Lamb & Mint380g x 12
41410Savoury Minced Beef 380g x 12
41550Tuna Pasta Bake380g x 12
41432Vegetable Lasagne380g x 12
41850Vegetable Tikka Masala 380g x 12