Texture 4 / C – Reduced Appetite Meals

These meals are for those with reduced appetite – all with smaller portion sizes.

40771Beef Bolognaise with Pasta
280g x 12
40765Fish and Chips280g x 12
40770Fisherman's Pie
280g x 12
40980Hearty Beef Casserole280g x 12
40780Hearty Chicken Casserole280g x 12
40760Lancashire Hotpot280g x 12
40740Lentil Bolognaise280g x 12
40990Macaroni Cheese280g x 12
40790Roast Lamb with Mint 280g x 12
41000Traditional Chicken & Stuffing280g x 12
41010Tuna Bake280g x 12
40991Vegetable Chilli280g x 12