The role of frozen food in reducing carbon footprint

Nigel Broadhurst, president of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), has highlighted the role of frozen food can play in reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply chain.

Addressing 900 business leaders at the Federation’s Annual Luncheon at London’s Hilton Park Lane Broadhurst launched his own manifesto for the frozen food industry…

… [He said] “Frozen food is much more nutritious than most fresh food items. We flash freeze our food, so we don’t have to use additional preservatives, maintaining freshness and integrity for much longer. Fresh produce loses vitamins during storage, but freezing vegetables uses nature’s pause button, locking in those crucial vitamins and minerals.”

Broadhurst claimed the frozen food industry is the ‘fastest growing sector’ of the food industry with a combined turnover of £10Bn.

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