Asian Style Chicken

Asian Style Chicken with Asian Style Coleslaw

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Portions: 4


  • 4 Chicken Supremes
  • 40g Plain Flour
  • 2.5g Five Spice Powder
  • 500g Shredded White Cabbage
  • 125g Grated Carrots
  • 15g Fresh Coriander (chopped)
  • 250g Fresh Mixed Peppers (cut into strips)
  • 150g Red Onions (peeled and thinly sliced)
  • 50g Olive Oil
  • 150g Red Wine Vinegar
  • 25g Caster Sugar
  • 50g Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • 25g Dark Soy Sauce


  1. Mix together the flour and the five spice powder. Dust the chicken supremes in the flour and shake off the excess.
  2. Shallow fry and finish cooking in a moderate oven until golden brown and the core temperature has been reached.
  3. Mix the red wine vinegar and sugar together and then reduce in a saucepan over a medium-hot heat until the mixture thickens and becomes sticky. Cool slightly and then mix with the soy and sweet chilli sauces.
  4. In a mixing bowl, place the shredded white cabbage, grated carrot, sliced red onions and sliced mixed peppers.
  5. Add the sweet chilli mix and toss together lightly. Fold in the chopped coriander.
  6. Serve the coleslaw mix with the cooked chicken supreme.This recipe can be made lighter by replacing the white cabbage with savoy, Chinese leaf or bok choy.